Thursday, April 02, 2020

Award Winning Composer Adam Schlesinger Passes Away

And just when I thought this week couldn't get any worse. Yesterday, it was announced that Emmy and Grammy Award winner, and Tony and Academy Award nominated composer Adam Schlesinger, passed away due to the Coronavirus. Born in New York City on October 31, 1967, Mr. Schlesinger came to prominence as a founding member of Fountains of Wayne, who released five albums between 1996-2011, and were well known for their Grammy nominated song, "Stacy's Mom". I first became familiar with his work in 1996, with the release of That Thing You Do!, in which he wrote the title song.

For years, I've always thought the movie would make a great Broadway musical. Maybe someday it will. I just wish Adam was going to be around to write it. Thankfully, his Tony nominated Broadway production of Cry Baby will live on for generations of theatre fans to enjoy. I saw the show prior to it's Broadway opening in 2008, and thought it was a lot of fun. I've always been a big John Waters fan, so I knew going in that I was probably going to enjoy it. After all, it had the same book writers as Hairspray, and the was a monster hit that ran for over eight years, and won eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical of the Year.

Now even though Cry-Baby did not reach the same heights as Hairspray, it continues to be produced at theatres around the country. If that's not success then I don't know what it is. In the last few years, Mr. Schlesinger gained new fame as a writer for both the Tony and Emmy Award telecasts, and for his Emmy Award winning work with Rachel Bloom on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Thank you Adam Schlesinger for your talent, your creativity, and most importantly for your ability to make us smile in even the worst of times. You will be missed.

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