Thursday, January 10, 2008

Applause Theatre & Entertainment Service Inc.-How to Score The Best Seats at The Best Prices on Broadway

We work in a small personal theatre ticket service. The company, Applause , in New York City, is located in the heart of the theatre district. I am proud to say that I work with a great bunch of people each and every day.

You know, there must be thousands of companies that do "exactly what we do". Provide a personal theatre ticket service to consumers and corporations that want to see Broadway shows. Although I am one of the owners of the company, I sit out in our "bullpen" sales area and pickup the phone and offer my knowledge on each of the shows people inquire about as well as the type of seating choices Broadway theatres offer. The more I pickup the phone and speak with people from all parts of the country, and spend time getting to know them, I get to learn how to serve our customers even better than before.

Let me let you in on a secret. The Internet is a great thing. My goodness, all the information at your fingertips but I don't think it is enough for the average theatre ticket shopper. Our customers tell me that they go on-line and click on and off several different web sites trying to buy tickets. They further say they often feel confused and don't know what to buy, where to sit in the theatre and who to buy from. What they really have been saying, especially lately as I sit on the selling floor taking call after call is very simple. It's all about "trust".

The consumer today has more choices and more web site shops than ever to buy their theatre tickets. So why would they want to buy from Applause? Well it turns out that so many people have been saying they appreciate having "real people they can speak with", people that "take their time with customers to explain what the Broadway shows are about", also what the seating and pricing options are.

Although I have been a theatre ticket broker for over 32 years now, I must tell you that the Broadway theatre is trying to sell at the highest price (like most travel businesses, similar to airlines, hotels and car rental companies). Here's their problem. Just like the airlines, hotels and car rental companies, whatever goes up, must come down.. Remember the "popular" hotel or car today, and airline today, may not necessarily be popular tomorrow.

One of our many areas of strenght is a simple one. First, we know we have "the best ticket service" around. I know I'm bragging now but after 32 years if I couldn't say this, I probably shouldn't be selling Broadway tickets. Can I prove it? Of course, just give us a call and ask us about the shows, prices and seating options.

All Broadway shows may want you to pay the highest prices, we know better. Yes, sometimes a hit show like JERSEY BOYS and WICKED are sold out for a long time but if you can be patient and wait a little, we can usually score some great seats. And at very reasonable prices.

I would tell you this to make it simple. With very few exceptions on Broadway at any given time, if you give our team a call (yes call us, don't just accept clicking and clicking and still not knowing what tickets to "BUY"). We will guide you though the process and inform you what all your options are.

Call Todd, Teresa, Carol, Claudia, Erik, Jay, Bill, Billy, Hsin Chieh and Rich (yes that's me, Rich) whenever you want to see a Broadway show. I have been selling tickets for a long time and know how to treat people right. Applause's phone numbers are 212-307-7050 and 1-800-451-9930 and we are located in the heart of the theatre district in New York City, around the corner from most of the theatres.

Like our "home page" says, we are just "real people helping you get the best seats for the best shows at the best prices". Still how do you believe what I'm saying like my last 2 phone customers asked me? I simply told them to have a look at our web site and then keep talking with me, or any member of my team. See if they felt more comfortable as the discussion went on. You know, I made back to back sales to people that really didn't feel comfortable at first. to be honest, they also sounded like they never really bought a product or service on the Internet before. Think about that, it is kind of scary for people sometimes to click then give their credit card information to someone that picks up a phone that they never spoke to before.

I am proud to say that with back to back phone calls, I was able to make 2 sales to 2 different new customers that almost didn't come through. But here's the secret. It's a matter of trust my friends. Billy Joel may have had a hit song by that name. It's so tru now more than ever.

In my mind, as a small business owner in New York City, surrounded by lots of other ticket companies and the theatres own reservation services, it still comes down to trust.

Everyone wants to sell something to everyone else. I think we do things kind of differently these days. We try to get people to look at different options. Different seats, different prices, different times of the week, different months, you name it. Our goal is to get you exactly what you want.

Our friendly staff of ticket experts at Applause will "go the extra mile" for people shopping on our web site or calling us on the phones. Most companies just want to get you on and off, hopefully selling you something. When I began my discussion with these last 2 shoppers on the phone, at some point, I really didn't think they were going to buy. But I simply took my time, slowed things down (you know how us fast talking New Yorkers can be) and made these shoppers feel at ease and comfortable.

I am proud to say we now have 2 new Applause Theatre Service customers. Trust works. Let me know what you think sometime.

Rich Gladstone
phone 212-307-7050

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