Friday, January 25, 2008

Applause Theatre Service in New York-Real People You Can Trust to get the Best Broadway Tickets

Right now the January through March 2008 period in New York is usually what us Broadway industry insider's call "slow season". I've been saying that for over 30 years now.

Maybe it is "slow season" for Broadway but I could swear that we aren't really "slow" these days. Maybe the traveling public and the theatre-going public has really started taking advantage of cheaper airfares, discount hotel rooms and the "insider prices" that Applause Theatre Service has uncovered lately.

Sure we have access to the best seats in the house. They are fairly costly but you do get to sit front and center in the theatre of course. Most people want to sit in the front and center but cannot afford the price tag. As we talk with people more and more and find out how many shows they want to see, we almost always can suggest shows during this "off peak" time of year that will save the average theatre-goer "a bundle" of money.

If you get a chance, you may want to check out Applause's "insider deals" for 23 Broadway Shows as of this writing. You can click on , simply go to the show you are interested in, click on the page, get a description of the show, then if you like, get yourself the best Broadway ticket deals around.

Some of the shows are not available on the "insider ticket deals". This usually applies to the most popular selling shows like Wicked or Jersey Boys or Disney's latest hit Broadway Show called The Little Mermaid . But not to worry as Applause can get "reasonably priced" tickets to these popular shows as well so it doesn't cost you "an arm and a leg".

In fact, our customers are so happy with the savings we bring to them (and great seats too), that they often choose to spend the savings on a restaurant meal or two at places they sometimes might not usually go. You know, maybe something a little more upscale after savings all that money on the ticket deals. Choose a restaurant on your own or you may want to try our very own Todd Freeman's dining suggestions at . Saving money is just one thing, wait till you try the superb professional manner in which the Applause Staff will treat you.

When your plans include Broadway, we hope you will call upon the "real people you can trust" to get you the best seats for the best shows at the best prices.. See a Broadway show today. You'll be glad you did.

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