Friday, January 25, 2008

Broadway Show Tickets and Great Meals-Applause Offers the Best of Both Worlds

OK so the average person that buys Broadway Show tickets from Applause Theatre Service in New York ,gets the seats they want, at the price they want, along with the service they'll long remember too. Now what?

According to Rich Gladstone, an Applause owner and company Vice President, "you cannot believe how many thousands of people ask us where they should eat before going to their Broadway show". The answers are very simple. First we ask the customer what type of food they would like, then we start describing places we often go to. Most of the places we dine at are "very nice eating establishments with the same passion for service excellence that we strive to give to our own customers" says Gladstone, a Broadway ticketing veteran of over 31 years now.

Since we close our office around 8pm, we usually eat in restaurants that are nearby (which happens to be in the theatre district-perfect for our customers when you think about it right?). We often suggest some really fun eating establishments, with so many different ethnic flavors, that customers call or write us and tell us how much they enjoyed their dining experience. If you like, you might want to check out Todd Favorite Dining Spots . Todd had made a simple list of excellent restaurants guaranteed to please. And if you want a first hand experience, just give him a call at 212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930 when you get a chance. You can ask the staff for their opinions also as everyone here loves to eat out too.

The Applause staff loves to sell tickets and we love a great meal too. We get to see most of the shows and have experienced many of the restaurants in the area as well.

Give us a call sometime. We really want to help you make your time before, during and after the show one that you, your friends and family will remember for a long time.

Broadway Shows and excellent restaurants really are "the best of both worlds" aren't they?

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