Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rent:The End of an Era

It was bound to happen eventually. Nothing lasts forever right? Even Cats who proclaimed "Now and Forever" only lasted 18 years. Yes I will admit I was a little sad when I heard the news that Rent was closing on June 1. O.K. I was more than a little sad. I still remember the first time I saw the show back in April of 1996. That first year I saw the show over 10 times. Now 12 years later the time has come for this landmark musical to take it's final bow. I myself know I would not be the person I am if it wasn't for this show. To this date it is still the best thing I have ever seen. My own musical Avarice, which I'm preparing to relaunch this spring, would never have been born without Jonathan Larson and this incredible show. I am better for seeing it and I know that my outlook on theatre not to mention life would be entirely different if not for this show and it's message. To quote Jonathan Larson, ""It's not how long you're here, but what you do WHILE you're here." Truer words were never spoken. Thank you Jonathan Larson!

Adam Pascal, Tony Nominee and Original Cast member posted this on his blog ( regarding the closing of Rent on June 1.

"Hello everyone. I feel I should address the closing of Rent on Broadway. I know there are many people who are very upset, and I understand. This show has changed many lives, mine included. However that fact, is what is important. Going to see the show over and over again only allows one to remain longer in a fantasy world. What Jonathan would have wanted is for people come away from the show with a renewed spirit, and take that feeling into the real world! To live YOUR OWN LIFE the way the characters in the show, the words and the music have inspired you to. It means nothing to come and sit in a theater night after night and immerse yourself in fantasy, only then to walk out the door and be unchanged in reality. This show will live on in our hearts. But where it truly must survive is in our actions, our compassion and our generousity of spirit towards one another. It is time for the next chapter in this story. I'm excited to see how this story continues to change lives through regional productions, High school productions, small community theater productions and eventually when my kids are old enough, THE BROADWAY REVIVAL starring LENNON AND MONTE as Mark and Roger. That would be something.... long live Rent! Adam"

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