Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Customer Story

My first day back since Sunday and I already have my first customer story of the week. How great is that? A couple of hours ago I got a call from a travel agent who was looking for tickets for a client of her's who wanted to see Wicked. Actually the conversation first started on Boldchat. For those of you who are not familiar with Boldchat it is a live chat that Applause introduced a few years back which allows travel agents and other consumers to ask our customer service reps questions about tickets as well as things to do or see while they are here. You can even order tickets on there as well. How great is that?

Yes I know I used that phrase already in this blog but you have to admit it is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Anyway back to the blog. I asked her when her clients would be here and she said they would be here on Labor Day weekend and was wondering what type of seats I had available.I asked her if her clients had a price range in mind and she said price wasn't really important. They just wanted good seats. First I offered her the seats we had in our inventory. Because Wicked is still Broadway's most popular show we often have a large allotment of tickets to sell. Especially on the weekends. The seats we had were in Row G on the Mid Mezzanine which is still a great view. No matter what you've heard.

She said she would offer those to her client but was wondering if there was anything a little closer in the Orchestra or Front Mezzanine. After a little research I found some seats in the side Orchestra and Front Mezzanine as well as Premium seats which we retail for around $330 each. Yes I know they sound expensive but $300 is low when you compare it to The Book of Mormon which is starting at $555 and higher for the next couple of months. Anyway to make a long story short her client ended up going with the Mid Mezz seats. Plus she got them for a lower rate than they had seen anywhere else. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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