Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day In The Life Of a Ticket Broker

As I was walking thru Times Square on my way to work this morning I noticed a large billboard advertising for tickets to see Rock of Ages on Broadway. Now for those of you who have read my blogs know that it is one of my favorite shows currently running on the Great White Way. Now is the show for everybody? I would dare to say probably not. For those of you who love more traditional shows like Anything Goes or The Phantom of the Opera it is probably not for you.Now I personally have seen the show four times. In fact I am taking my parents to see the show in November when they come up for Thanksgiving.

In the many times over the years that they have been here they have seen four shows. Avenue Q and Rent which at the time were big hits on Broadway. Now they are Off-Broadway. The other two shows were a production of Closer Than Ever that I directed back in 1994. That production marked by New York directorial debut. Since then I have produced and or directed over a half a dozen shows in New York. The fourth and final show that they saw was Avarice. Let me guess. You've never heard of it have you? Well that's because except for a few readings and a concert there has never been a full production. Now the reason that I am mentioning it is because I wrote it.

Nothing like a little self promotion I always say. Let's face it. If I don't talk about it who else will?
It's the same thing in the ticket business. If you don't put our name out there then people will simply buy from another company. If you don't market your show then they will see something else. Right now there are twenty-five shows playing on Broadway with fifteen more scheduled to open in the next seven to eight months. Which ones will fail? Which ones will succeed. The truth is nobody knows. In this economy we should thank our lucky stars that people can still afford to come to New York at all. Let alone shell out hundreds of dollars to see a show. Until next time theatre fans.

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