Monday, August 22, 2011

Customer Story

Earlier today I received a call from a travel agent in Texas looking for tickets for Wicked in New York. No surprise there as it is still Broadway's most popular show. However these tickets were not for a client but for herself. I told her that not only would I be able to get her excellent seats but because they were for her she would get a travel agent discount. For those of you travel agents out there that who have never used Applause not only do you get commission when you get tickets for your clients but you always get a discount when buying tickets for yourself. Sounds good to me. Anyway I asked her when she wanted to go and she was wondering if there were any Mid Mezzanine seats available for any if the dates she would be there. I told her that since she was coming during a slow period and the fact that she was looking for a weekday I would not only be able to get her excellent seats but for a lower price. Well she loved that. Not only did I get her center seats but at a price that was lower than she was expecting. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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