Saturday, August 06, 2011

Disney's The Lion King To Offer Lower Prices This Fall

Now I don't know about you but it seems like only yesterday that Disney invaded the Great White Way. Since the 1994 bow of Beauty and the Beast Disney has produced Aida, Mary Poppins, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, and of course it's most successful one to date The Lion King. The show which opened in December 1997 to instant acclaim won six 1998 Tony Awards including Best Musical of the Year. Since then it has continued to break box office records and delight and entertain folks of all ages around the world. How many shows do you know do that? While I myself am not biggest Disney fan in the world I do feel that that the theatre landscape as we know it would be very different without them. Heck without them I might not have a job at Applause. You don't want that to happen now do you?

Anyway as I was saying. Today's blog is not about my thoughts about Disney. No I think I'll save that for another blog. Today I am here to share with you some exciting news. It is now possible to see one of Broadway's hottest shows for less. Starting this September you can see The Lion King for less then any other time of the year. Normally the Orchestra and Front Mezzanine are the same price. To be honest that's the way it is with all Broadway shows. Same excellent views. Same prices. Makes sense to me. However Disney being the geniuses they are know that when the kids go back to school sales begin to drop. Therefore they have not only lowered the price of the Front Mezzanine but the Orchestra as well. Sounds good to me. Get your tickets to see The Lion King on Broadway. Deals like these don't come around every day so don't delay. Call now.

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