Monday, January 07, 2013

The Captain of Kopenick Tickets In London

Interesting title don't you think? The Captain of Kopenick starring Olivier Award winner Antony Sher is set to begin previews at the Olivier Theatre on January 29. Since I know nothing about the show here is a brief description about The Captain of Kopenick from the shows official website.

Released after fifteen years in prison, trapped in a bureaucratic maze, petty criminal Wilhelm Voigt wanders 1910 Berlin in desperate, hazardous pursuit of identity papers. Luck changes when he picks up an abandoned military uniform in a fancy-dress shop and finds the city ready to obey his every command. At the head of six soldiers, he marches to the Mayor's office, cites corruption and confiscates the treasury with ease. But still what he craves is official recognition that he exists.

I used to think all the trouble in the world was caused by people giving orders. Now I reckon that it's people being so willing to take them.

A nation heads blindly towards war as the misfit takes on the state in Ron Hutchinson's savagely funny new version of Carl Zuckmayer's The Captain of Kopenick, first staged in Germany in 1931. Antony Sher takes the title role.Finally we can trust the German people to follow wherever we lead them.

Yes I know. That wasn't brief at all was it? Don't blame me. I just want to make sure you know what it's about before you purchase tickets. Get your tickets to see The Captain of Kopenick at the Olivier Theatre in London. Until next time theatre fans.

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