Friday, January 11, 2013

Tickets To Penn and Teller In Las Vegas

Now I don't know about you but I have been a fan of Penn and Teller for I don't know how long. Actually I do. Thanks to a wikipedia search that I did. For some reason when I was about thirteen years old I decided to buy a video of Penn and Teller's Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends. You remember those don't you? Anyway from then on I was hooked.

Now while I've never had any desire to visit Las Vegas I would just to see those two. They are amazing. Check them out next time you are there if you get the chance. By the way for those of you who want more information about Penn and Teller here is a description about them from the shows official website. Enjoy!

Penn & Teller's edgy show is unlike any other magic production in Las Vegas. The tall, lanky Penn serves as a narrator, providing a running comedic commentary on just about everything they do, while the diminutive Teller provides a lot of the shows action, all without saying a single word. The pair manages to reveal a few tricks of their trade along the way, while turning around and completely stumping you with others.

Penn & Teller take some of the mystery out of the aforementioned cups and balls trick - a standard magic act where a magician makes balls pass through the solid bottoms of the cups, jump from one cup to another, or disappear from the cup and appear in other places. They perform the act with see-through plastic cups, allowing the audience to see exactly how it works...or do they? Part of the joke is that during the explanation, they do the trick so quickly, that it makes it pretty difficult to follow.

Penn & Teller's show relies heavily on audience interaction. Several audience members are chosen to come up and be part of some tricks and to help confirm the authenticity of others. In one vignette, the trick is actually played on the volunteer while the audience gets to watch. The volunteer is blindfolded while Penn pretends to throw knives at her. Then, again blindfolded, she is tricked into believing she throws knives at Penn.

While the audience does get to see behind the scenes during these parts of the show, other tricks the duo performs leave viewers completely mystified. Penn takes the eyeglasses from an audience member and puts them in his pocket. They somehow disappear from his pocket and end up inexplicably on Teller's face, which has been encased in a wooden box the whole time.
Teller makes coins appear out of a clear tank of water, puts them back in and goldfish magically take their place.

While there are some elements of classic magic and sleight of hand in the show, most of the tricks are incredibly creative, innovative and sometimes bordering on the macabre. Teller appears to swallow needles and then a piece of thread. He then proceeds to pull the needles, all neatly threaded together, out of his mouth.

Notice I didn't say it was a brief description. Now for those of you heading to Las Vegas in the near future and want to get tickets to Penn and Teller you have come to the right place. Not only do we sell tickets to this show but every show and event in Las Vegas. Get your tickets to see Penn and Teller at the Rio Theatre in Las Vegas. You will love it.

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