Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Tickets To Long Running Hit The Mousetrap In London

Still haven't seen The Mousetrap yet? What are you waiting for people? It's only been playing in London for sixty years. You would have thought everybody had seen it by now? Of course I have never seen it. But I've never been to London so at least I have an excuse. Written by Agatha Christie the show first began performances in the West End in 1952 where it remains to this day. Now for those of you who have no idea what The Mousetrap is about here is a description of the show from it's official website. Enjoy!

A woman has been murdered in London. A young couple have started a guest house at Monkswell Manor and have 4 guests arrive, only to find themselves snowed-in.They read of the murder of Mrs Maureen Lyon in the paper and shortly after, are visited by the local Detective Sergeant, who tells of a murderer being loose in the area, heading to the Manor. Suddenly, one of the guests is murdered... the murderer is already among them!!How will this story unfurl? Who is the murderer? You'll have to book your tickets to find out.And remember... don't tell anyone whodunit!

Now that sounds like something I might want to see. Maybe one of these days I will have to head over there. Oh well. I'm sure it will probably be there for another sixty years so I will have plenty of time. For those of you looking for tickets for The Mousetrap you have come to the right place. Good seats are are now available for all performances thru December 2013. Get your tickets to see The Mousetrap at the St. Martin's Theatre in London. It is a classic.

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