Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blue Man Group Tickets In Las Vegas

Heading over to Las Vegas in the near future and want to see a fun show like Blue Man Group? Well guess what theatre fans? You have come to the right place. Not only do we sell tickets to Blue Man Group but every show and event in Las Vegas. How many other companies do you know that offer that? Not to many my friends. Now even though Blue Man Group has been playing at different theatres around the world for over twenty-five years there are some people believe it or not that have no idea what the show is about. So here you go. Enjoy!

Blue Man Group is unlike any other show on the Las Vegas Strip. There are no elaborate costumes, no death-defying acrobatics and no scantily clad dancers. There are simply three blue-hued men dressed in black who make music, make you laugh and make you think. Now at the Monte Carlo, the group is presenting their first new show in more than 20 years to audiences in Vegas. The Blue Men moved to their new venue at the beginning of October 2012 after a successful run at The Venetian.

Before the show even starts, guests at the Monte Carlo will get an invigorating dose of Blue Man entertainment with a dazzling percussive parade that will take place 45 minutes before curtain time. The percussion processional, or Percussipede, is a musical centipede of percussion instruments, musicians, robots and puppets co-created with world-renowned 3-D designer Michael Curry. The vibrant parade will immerse unknowing spectators in the imaginative world of the Blue Man Group, setting the tone for the thrilling experience in store at their show.

Hard to believe but Blue Man Group opened in New York a year before I moved here and I still haven't seen it. Oh well. It's not like it's going anywhere. I'm sure that I will see it eventually. Get your tickets to see Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Until next time theatre fans.

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