Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Tickets To Port In London

Surprise. Surprise. Another show in London I know nothing about. Thank goodness there is an official website for the show. Port, begins previews at the Lyttleton Theatre on January 22 and will run thru March 24. Short run don't you think? Anyway I know you are dying for the synopsis so here you go. Warning. It's pretty long.

Stockport, 1988. It's midnight. Rachel, eleven, and Billy, six, wait in the car in agitated excitement. Their mother is at her wits' end with all their chatter and fighting and dreams of Disneyland. She is about to leave them for good. Their father, drunk in the flat above, has locked the door. It's a pivotal moment, the beginning of a thirteen-year odyssey for two kids, largely abandoned and growing up in the deprived suburban shadows of Manchester, a city that felt itself to be the most exciting in the world.

I see you in the morning, on the first morning I stayed over at your house. Waking up. Watching you lying asleep next to me. You looked, you looked. It was like. I think about that more than you probably think I do.

A richly colourful portrait of a town with the everyday writ large, Simon Stephens' Port is a celebration of the human spirit as Rachel, through sheer courage and despite an economic and political climate that pushes her into the very margins, looks to the future and opts for love and life and for something better.

Be advised that for those of you who want to see Port it is not appropriate for children under the age of 15 and contains strong language. Now for those of you looking for tickets to see Port or any show in London you have come to the right place. Get your tickets to see Port at the Lyttleton Theatre in London. Until next time theatre fans.

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