Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tickets To Evil Dead: The Musical In Las Vegas

A musical based on everyone's favorite horror cult movie? Only in Las Vegas. Now while I have never seen the movie I did see the musical when it played Off-Broadway in 2006. In fact if you sat in the first couple of rows there was an excellent chance that you would get hit with blood. Let's hope it was fake. Now for those of you like me who have never seen the movie here is a description of Evil Dead: The Musical from the shows official website.

Fans of the 1981Sam Raimi film "The Evil Dead" probably never thought they'd see musical attached to the show name, but this is real life. Michaels Productions presents Evil Dead - The Musical, a 4D theatrical experience with a "splatter zone."

This hilarious stage show features elements from the classic cult horror films "Evil Dead 1," "Evil Dead 2," and "Army of Darkness" combined into one night of blood-spattering, zany, zombie fun. The show tells the story of five college student who go to a cabin for a weekend of fun and accidentally unleash evil forces that turn them into demons. This interactive show is full of surprises and lots of laughs.

The perfect show for Las Vegas don't you think? By the way for those of you looking for tickets to see Evil Dead: The Musical you have come to the right place. Not only do we sell tickets to this show but every show and event in Las Vegas. Get your tickets to see Evil Dead: The Musical at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Until next time horror fans.

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