Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Now Is the Best Time To See Les Miserables In London

Now in it's record breaking twenty-seventh year in the West End is Les Miserables. Now believe it or not but I have never seen the show. Well that's not true. I did see Act One. The thing is I loved the show growing up. I guess by the time I got around to finally seeing it the allure of it had worn off. Of course by then it had been running on Broadway for almost sixteen years. Oh well. It's not like Cameron Mackintosh is losing any sleep because I walked out of his show. He's to busy counting all the money he's made from the show and all the money he's making now thanks to the movie. Now for those of you that are heading over to London in the near future and want tickets to see Les Miserables you have come to the right place. Tickets for this award winning musical are now on sale thru October 2013. Get your tickets to see Les Miserables in London. Oh sure it may not be my cup of tea but it just might be yours.

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