Saturday, September 12, 2009

Applause And The New York Pass

Let's be honest. Most people that call to order tickets are calling from another state or in some cases another country. They call Applause because they are looking to get good seats and hopefully at some great prices. In the past couple of years we have seen an increase in our consumer sales. In fact a lot of those customers call us because they found us in something called the New York Pass book. Being a New Yorker I never knew this existed until a few years ago when someone came to our office because they read that by going thru Applause they could get a 10% discount on theatre tickets. Sounds good right?

The other day I received a call from a young lady in Australia who found our number in the book and wanted to see if she could get discount seats to see The Lion King. I mentioned to her that while I could get her seats to the show there were other shows that I could get for a better deal as The Lion King is one of the shows that doesn't offer a substantial discount. Being on a budget she was appreciative that I could give her another option. I asked what she had seen an she said that it was her first trip to New York and she wanted to get the whole "Broadway Experience". I told her the most popular shows were Wicked and Jersey Boys but she had said that she had seen them in Australia so she wanted something that was exclusive to New York. I suggested Hair and In The Heights which not only are they exclusive to New York but are two exciting and moving shows.

I told her while I loved both of them I was partial to In The Heights. Those of you who read my blogs know that I am a fan. I told her about the show and she said it sounded fun but then she mentioned that her father had seen the original production of Hair when he visited New York over forty years ago and loved it. She was torn on what to see. I told her that if she wanted to see both shows that I would be able to get her and her friend good seats but below face value. Well that sealed the deal. I found her the date that would have the best price for the best seats and well the rest is history. Maybe I'll have to try the New York Pass myself. Hey I may be a New Yorker but a bargain is a bargain.

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