Saturday, September 12, 2009

Customer Story

Like most customers that find us they do it by doing a google search for Broadway tickets. Earlier this week I had a gentleman from New Jersey who frequently comes into the city with his wife to shop and check out the latest shows on Broadway. Having seen a lot of shows he asked for my opinion and I asked him what he had seen recently. He told me he loved South Pacific and Billy Elliot but was looking to see something that would be a fun night out for him and his wife. I suggested Mamma Mia knowing that he had probably seen it and much to my surprise he never had. He mentioned that his wife had dragged him to the movie and he loved it and now wanted to see it live on stage. I told him that not only could I get him great seats to the show but that I could also get him a great price too. Well that just made his day. I got him Center Orchestra for $97 each(That is below face value by the way)and gained a new customer in the process. Not only that but he called me back two days later after he received the tickets to thank me and ordered two more shows. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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