Saturday, September 12, 2009

Need help booking a show? Give Applause a call.

I cannot believe I am about to enter my 15th year at Applause. Boy time flies! I guess I must like my job right? Some days are harder than others but on the whole I find selling tickets very rewarding. One of my favorite parts of my job is helping out customers, offering them advice and getting them into shows that they really enjoy. This past week I had one of those days. A really nice lady called me, her travel agent referred her to us, advising that we would be of more help to her than she as she does not live in New York and does not get to see the shows. She told me that she and her husband bring their three children into town every Christmas. They have seen pretty much everything on Broadway and wanted my recommendation of what to see this year. Two of my favorite shows that opened this year are Rock of Ages and Hair. I was told the girls were in their late teens and early 20’s. What two better shows for this family to see! The mother told me that their trip into New York was always a special occasion and they wanted premium tickets. Fortunately for them I was able to come through! I was able to get her a little bit of a break on the cost of the Rock of Ages…I told her to save the money she would have spent and go out for a nice meal instead. She loved that idea. After I wrapped up the sale, I emailed her a copy of her invoice. Her theatre tickets were all set for their Christmas trip into New York. Later in the afternoon, my co-worker was also selling tickets to a customer for Hair. He reminded the customer that at the end of Act One there was about 30 seconds where the cast take the their clothes off and they stand naked on stage. That customer picked another show. I then thought maybe I should email my customer and advise her, she was bringing 3 young adults to the show after all. The next day I received an email back from her…”Thanks for alerting me. I am sure my husband and daughters will get a kick out of it”. She also thanked me for being so helpful. Another satisfied customer. Another satisfying day in the world of selling tickets.
If you need help getting your Broadway tickets please give Applause a call. I am sure we can help.

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