Thursday, September 17, 2009

Broadway Grosses

I am writing today to talk about last week's Broadway grosses. As is always the case most shows see a drop in sales after Labor Day. That usually continues until Columbus Day weekend and then drops again until right before Thanksgiving where almost every show gets an increase thru Christmas. That is the way it has been for years. I don't see that changing anytime soon. Now of course most shows like Wicked and Jersey Boys sell out no matter what time of year. They are the two most popular shows on Broadway after all. Now instead of focusing on hit shows I would like to talk about two shows while popular are experiencing a major drop in sales lately. First up is Shrek.

The show which got a nice bump from it's performance at this year's Tony Awards and during the summer months was only at 49% for the week of September 9-13. That is not good my friends. Now as I said when the holidays get here their sales will probably go up. However I fear that once January hits it will not be enough for the show to survive. This year we had over twelve shows close in the month of January alone. Now granted some of those were shows that were not doing that hot to begin with anyway. Shrek which is scheduled to tour next year should do very well on the road. Whether it is here six months from now is a different story. I think the show is a lot of fun. It is a great show for the whole family and deserves to be here for a long time. I fear that it won't. We will soon find out.

Next up is my favorite show on Broadway In The Heights. I have loved this show ever since I saw it and recommend it to anyone and everyone that I talk too. Now unlike Shrek, In The Heights recouped it's investment within the first year and is still selling well. Last week the show dropped 13% from the previous week. Like I said most shows always experience a drop after the holiday. For a show that won the Tony Award last year for Best Musical it should be selling better than it is right now. Now as much as I love the show I still think that there is a misconception out there that you have to be a Latino to get the show. The show is about people with dreams and what they go through to achieve them. That is a message that everybody can relate too. No matter what the color of your skin. I've also talked to people who don't want to see the show because the music is all hip-hop and rap. Yes the show does contain that but so much more. Look before you judge the show on what you've heard or what you think the show is about why don't you buy a ticket and find out for yourself. Who knows? You might even like it.

That's all for now. Until next time theatre fans.

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