Thursday, September 03, 2009

Competing for a Slice of Broadway Ticket Sales

I don't usually like it when people simply want others in business to bring their prices down because they can buy an item elsewhere for less. But give me a few moments to explain how we made a new customer today.

I received a call from Denise, who "Googled" us last night from California. When I quoted her my company price for show tickets in New York to see God of Carnage, this years play of the year, she asked me why I asked her to pay $174.00 a ticket when as she said "I can buy them on the Internet for less". When I asked her which one of the nearly a thousand companies that sell Broadway tickets these days, she then offered the name saying the other company charged less but didn't really offer any "service.

I asked her if the other ticket company offered her a price of $151.00. When she said that was correct, I then proceeded to tell her that we would offer her "an exact seat location", something I was fairly sure the "other guys" didn't specify. Denise was extremely happy with our service, something everyone at our company offers, along with excellent seats and when I said "Denise, I think you still want to pay me a lower price right"? She hesitated and I simply said "Denise, consumers today want the best price and service they can get for their hard earned money. If you give me the request, I will fill it with great seats and match my competitors price". She was thrilled.

When I say Denise was thrilled, she really was but somehow I think the few dollars she got back from Applause was the least of it. She said she was ecstatic with our service and would tell all her friends and relatives about our company Applause.

What could be better than satisfied customers that talk about us? If this happened earlier in my career, I might have gloated somewhat that I possibly "stole a sale away from the competition". But for now, I am honored that shoppers and customers simply know the difference when it comes to "service".

If you want to experience excellent service yourself and are planning a trip to see one of the fantastic Broadway Shows, we'd love to hear from you. You can contact Applause Theater Service 7 days a week right here in the heart of New York City at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930.

Just call up and ask for Rich or one of the friendly ticket staffers all ready to make your trip to Broadway one you'll never forget.

That's a promise I can guaranteee you. Talk with you soon I hope.
Rich Gladstone
Vice President/Co-Founder
Applause Theater Service
311 west 43rd Street, suite 601
NY,NY 10036

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