Monday, September 21, 2009

Customer Story-How to Buy Broadway Tickets at Prices You Want To Pay

Funny thing happens when people shop the Internet for Broadway Show Tickets. My guess is that consumers click on several web sites (most of which look and feel the same), they then see prices ranging from high to ridiculously expensive. Why do I say this you might ask?

Its simple really. Many ticket companies want to charge the highest price they can, not really paying attention to the fact that consumers are looking for the best seat at the least amount they have to pay. Especially during these economic times.

Being a proud owner of one of New York State's few licensed and legitimate ticket agencies (NY State license #71AP1001029) for over 22 years now, I would put my reputation next to any other ticket service that specializes in obtaining Broadway tickets for the public. I guarantee that no other licensed ticket agency in New York State will offer service anywhere near that of our company, Applause Theatre Service. And just to show you that we listen to customers and shoppers that call Applause's service, let me share a customer story with you.

Today I received a call from Sharon from Andalusia, Alabama. She had been on line searching out seats and prices for Jersey Boys in New York City for early December. When I told Sharon exactly where she would be sitting in the orchestra, she said "that's great but she said "Rich, your prices are higher than I see on the Internet". The reason our prices are higher I explained are because we offer a very personal service, take our time with customers and offer "exact seat locations". Still Sharon seemed to value the service I was giving her but wanted to pay the lower competitor price. Being the 31 year sales veteran of Broadway Theater that I am, I simply asked "how much did my competitor quote you Sharon"? When she gave me the lower price and I told her which one of the competitors it was, I went further to ask if she'd "like me to match the price". She said "Rich, if you match the price and promise to give me the exact seats you offered me, I will give you the business. And send other folks to buy from you as well".

So I confirmed Sharon's order and am mailing the tickets today. Although I run a company that has a level of service that far "outshines" most others in the ticket business, I am happy to make a new customer today.

If you are tired of searching and searching for Broadway Show tickets, clicking from one web site to the next to the next, etc. maybe it's time you called on a local Broadway expert to help you with tickets. At Applause, its not about making quick sales and lots of profit. It's about people. Our people on staff and our customers. Sure anyone can say they have the best service. What I'm doing is simply putting my money where my mouth is.

If you want to experience the best service on Broadway, consider giving Applause Theater Service a call today. Ask for our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. And tell them the Ticket Man sent you. You'll be so glad you did.

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