Monday, September 21, 2009

Broadway Ticket Prices-Checkout Applause's Price Match Guarantee

Anyone that keeps abreast of what's happening on Broadway knows that our company Applause Theater Service has an outstanding level of personal service since the company's inception back in September 1987. After 22 years of catering to the theater going public for Broadway Show tickets, we'd like to share a little secret with anyone shopping for tickets to Broadway Theater in New York City.

We suggest people stop clicking on lots of different web sites (well maybe just a few might be a good idea). Simply check out the show you want to attend as well as the day and date and number of tickets you need. Take this information along with the specific show or shows you are interested in and simply call Applause Theater Service in New York. Ask "how much it will cost to buy tickets for the event you want to attend".

I know you will find our service fantastic. The prices will be fair as well. However, if you find a better price from another authorized licensed ticket agency from New York State, simply mention the Applause PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. We are sure you'll be ecstatic with our superior service and great every day reasonable prices.

Remember to tell the Applause staff that The Ticket Man sent you. I guarantee you'll love the service, prices and experience of doing business with a "local expert".

Thanks for reading. I hope you find this information helpful to you.

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