Saturday, February 13, 2010

Call Applause For Tickets To See Wicked The Musical

Now in it's sixth year on Broadway is Wicked. The show which continues to play to packed houses at theatres around the world is by far the most popular show for folks of all ages. Most people forget that the show did not get very good reviews when it first opened or that it lost the Tony Award for Best Musical to Avenue Q. I actually remember watching the Tony's that year and to say that people were shocked is an understatement. I personally was happy that the underdog won. Now here we are over six years later and both shows are still running. Of course Avenue Q is now Off-Broadway. Confused yet?

See Avenue Q was on Broadway and was scheduled to close last September. However the producers decided that because there was still an audience they would move the show to a smaller venue to ensure a longer run. Pretty smart don't you think? Anyway this blog was supposed to be about Wicked so I better get back to it. Now for those of you who want to see Wicked but can't make it to New York there are other options believe it or not. First you could see it in London. Sure it may be a little further away then New York but if you're there you might as well give it a shot. Now if you can't make it across the pond you can also try and get tickets when it comes to a city near you. Get your tickets to see Wicked The Musical.You will love it.

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