Friday, February 05, 2010

Grammy Awards Gives American Idiot A Boost At The Box Office

It was reported today that American Idiot,the new musical featuring the music of Green Day took in over a million dollars in tickets sales the day after the cast performed at the Grammy Awards this past Sunday. According to Michael Reidel of the New York Post Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong insisted that the cast perform with them during the telecast. Looks like it was a good idea as the show sold more tickets in a single day then most shows sell in a week. Buzz about the show is already at a fever pitch and their performance at the Grammy's only made it stronger. Now I'm not a betting man but I think it will come down to The Addams Family and American Idiot vying it out for this year's Tony Award for Best Musical. Let the games begin. Until next time theatre fans.

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