Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get Your Tickets To See Billy Elliot On Broadway

What? You still haven't seen last year's biggest winner? No I'm not talking about the New York Yankees. I'm talking about Billy Elliot. The 2009 Tony Award winner for Best Musical. The show which continues to be a big hit both on Broadway and in the West End is still packing them in eight times a week a week at the Imperial Theatre.

Now I myself have never seen the show. In fact I am the only one in my office who has yet to see it at least once. To be honest the show is not really my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong I like musicals. I wouldn't be writing my own if I didn't. It's just the in the last five or six years my tastes have changed as far as shows go. I tend to prefer shows that are more original as opposed to shows based on a movie or a cartoon.

Now matter what I think there is no denying that Billy Elliot is a hit. My opinion will not change that. I'm glad it is doing well. Quite frankly if people weren't coming to Broadway then I would be out of a job. Like it or not Billy Elliot is here to stay. Why not check it out next time you're in town? Who knows? You might even enjoy yourself. Until next time theatre fans.

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