Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Perfect Show For The Whole Family Is In The Heights

Let me guess. You thought I was going to say Mary Poppins or The Lion King right? Don't get me wrong. Those are both great shows that the whole family can enjoy. I just happen to think that In The Heights is a better overall show. Look if you want a show that the little kiddies will enjoy than take them to see Disney. You will definitely get your money's worth. I just think that In The Heights has more to offer as far as overall entertainment.

It has a great story that everybody can relate to know matter how old they are. It has an amazing score that ranges everywhere from hip-hop to traditional musical theatre. What other show can say that? Best of all it doesn't insult your intelligence like other shows do. It is there to entertain and share it's message that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Dreams are what makes this world great. Without them where would we be? I know I would be a little less interesting.

Now for those of you who think you might want to see In The Heights I have good news for you. Not only do we sell the show but we can get you tickets to see this Tony Award winning musical at prices that are below face value. Sounds good right? Right now this special offer is good thru March 21 so don't delay. Get your tickets to see In The Heights on Broadway. It is a winner.

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