Monday, February 28, 2011

Broadway Grosses:Week Ending February 27

It's that time again. Give up? Well if you read the title then you know it's time to discuss last week's grosses. Now normally I just post results and move on to my next blog. Not that the grosses are not important or newsworthy. It's just that since last month it's pretty much been the same shows. Therefore not much to report. However there is good news ahead my friends. Between now and the end of April there are twenty-one shows set to open.

Now believe it or not but that many shows is not out of the ordinary as most shows open in the Spring in time for Tony consideration. As of now there are seven new musicals. Eight if you include Spider-Man. That's of course of it actually opens on March 15. Enough about the new shows. I'll save that for another blog. On to the grosses. No big surprises. Wicked was the top selling show followed by Spider-Man:Turn Off The Dark,The Lion King,American Idiot,and Jersey Boys. Wait a minute. One of these things is not like the other.

Care to guess which one I'm talking about? That's right American Idiot. Now the truth is the only reason the show made so much money was because it was the final week of Green Day lead singer Billy Joe Armstrong's run in the show. This week it will be lucky to hit 50%. Bring on the discounts. Bringing up the rear last week were Lombardi,The Importance Of Being Earnest,Driving Miss Daisy,Ghetto Klown,and La Cage Aux Folles. Until next time theatre fans.

American Idiot
$1,301,949 97.9%
$74,305 91.6%
Billy Elliot
$892,911 94.6%
$540,310 80.7%
Colin Quinn…Short
$179,020 61.6%
Driving Miss Daisy
$377,164 86.4%
Ghetto Klown
$384,100 87.8%
Good People
$283,237 95.0%
How to Succeed…
$162,403 100.1%
Jersey Boys
$1,062,895 98.0%
La Cage aux Folles
$410,061 66.2%
$315,490 72.7%
Mamma Mia!
$800,980 86.2%
Mary Poppins
$988,839 89.8%
$827,442 94.2%
Million Dollar Quartet
$443,997 62.0%
$494,802 92.8%
$1,559,341 100.1%
That Championship Season
$659,735 88.7%
The Addams Family
$1,059,807 96.9%
The Book of Mormon
$460,268 98.4%
The Importance…Earnest
$391,045 89.0%
The Lion King
$1,541,682 93.8%
The Phantom of the Opera
$862,700 91.4%
$1,660,095 100.0%

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