Thursday, February 03, 2011

See What Applause Theatre Service Can Do For You

No plans for Valentine's Day yet? Nothing to do on a Saturday night? Well have I got the solution for you. Why not come to New York and see a show. Yes I know it's cold and more snow is on the horizon. Well what better way to warm up then by seeing some of Broadway's hottest shows. Now more than ever New York is home to some of the most exciting and innovative plays in musicals in years.

Now when I first moved to New York musicals were my thing but in the last few years it is the plays that have really entertained me. Not that I don't love a good old fashioned musical. It's just with all the revivals the last few years it's nice to see something new. Speaking of new there are six brand new musicals set to open this Spring.

They are Baby It's You,The Book of Mormon,Catch Me If You Can,The People in the Picture,Priscilla Queen of the Desert,Sister Act,and Wonderland. Sounds like one heck of a line-up to me. Now let's say musicals aren't your thing. How about one of this season's most anticipated new plays.

Give up? Believe it or not but the show is called The Mother****** With The Hat. Making his Broadway debut in the show? Why none other than film star Chris Rock. Sounds interesting doesn't it? Well there you are folks. Which one will you choose? That's the great thing about Broadway. There's something for everybody. Live theatre. There is nothing like it.

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