Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Spider-Man Drama

Now I know I said in yesterday's blog that I wasn't going to write anymore about Spider-Man until after it opens. Yeah like that was going to happen. According to yesterday's New York Times that may be a long ways away. Scheduled to open up back in December the show has postponed it's opening night a record five times already. Not to mention the fact that it was originally supposed to open in February 2010. Guess they are having some problems huh? If this new rumour is in fact true the troubled $65 million dollar musical will not open until late June. Therefore missing the chance to receive any Tony nominations for the 2010-2011 Broadway season. Maybe that's a good thing. With seven new musicals set to open in the next two months Spider-Man would have a lot of stiff competition come award time. Not like most expect it to get many nominations let alone a win. Stranger things have happened. Until then I will take delight in the continuing soap opera that is Spider-Man:Turn Off The Dark. Until next time theatre fans.

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