Monday, February 14, 2011

American Idiot Wins Grammy For Best Musical Cast Album

Wait a minute. The Grammy's were on last night? How did I miss that? I mean it's not like they've been showing commercials on CBS everyday for the last two week's promoting the show. It's called sarcasm people. Of course I knew it was on last night. Now while I didn't watch the whole show I did see Lady Gaga's perform her new song " Born That Way". In case you didn't see it she was pretty amazing.

Although I will say I liked the song better when Madonna did it twenty years ago and it was called "Express Yourself." Who cares? The song is a hit and will sell millions of copies. Now for you those of you theater buffs who only watch the Grammy's to find out who won the Best Musical Cast Album of the Year you probably already know who it was. That's right. Everyone's favorite rock musical American Idiot. Also in the running last night were Fela!,A Little Night Music,Sondheim on Sondheim, and Promises, Promises.

Oh come on. Did you really think that the Grammy voters were going to pick Stephen Sondheim over Green Day? Get real. The show which opened to rave reviews last Spring is still packing them in at the St. James Theatre eight times a week on Broadway. Of course having Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong in the show certainly has something to do with that I'm sure. Don't forget you only have two more week's to see Billie Joe in the show so don't delay. Call now.

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