Monday, February 14, 2011

More Bad News For Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

Poor Spider-Man. That show just can't catch a break can it? Boo-hoo. As far as I'm concerned that show has it coming. Now while I did not care for the show I certainly feel for the actor's involved with the production. They are putting their lives not to mention their career's in danger. Yes the special effects are amazing. That is when they actually work. I'll admit that when the show was first announced back in 2006 I was intrigued. I mean who wouldn't be excited about a new musical featuring the music of Bono and The Edge.

I mean even if the show itself wasn't great at least the music would have to be amazing. It wasn't. As most of you know several critics reviewed the show last week even though the official opening night is not scheduled until March 15. Now most people don't think they should have done that and when I say most people I mean the producer's of the show. Were the reviews good? No. Will I think the show will close? Not right away. As of now the show does have a sizeable advance. However that will soon run out. My guess is it will be gone by Labor Day. We shall see.

So anyway now that I am finished with my Spider-Man rant of the week I guess I should get to the reason for today's blog. Today it was announced that the show was hit with two safety violations by the New York State Department of Labor. According to a source from the New York Times the violations were issued for accidents that occurred last year. Following the violation a spokesperson from the show issued a statement. "The productions in full compliance of Department of Labor guidelines and will continue to work with state officials to maintain the highest safety standards at all times." Oh the drama that is Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. Until next time theatre fans.

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