Thursday, December 31, 2009

Applause Theater Service Offers Late Night Ticket Service In New York City

The friendly local Broadway ticket experts at Applause Theater Service in New York City are pleased to report that company hours will continue to be extended on a permanent basis after a successful trial during the month of December 2009. Although Applause Theater Service has always been open 7 days a week for over 22 years now, we felt we were possibly missing out on serving the needs of people from the west coast that may need our advice on how to secure great Broadway Show tickets.

Applause is a licensed New York State ticket agency (License #71AP1001029) that specializes in helping theatergoers obtain the best seats for the best Broadway Shows at the very best prices. They are known for their excellent customer service and for the time they take in helping customers choose the optimum seating arrangements for the show they select.

While most of the major ticket companies in the country are cutting their hours of operation during these difficult economic times, Applause is pleased to be able to "stay open late" (until midnight now). Being a co-owner of Applause and a 32 year veteran in Broadway Show ticket sales now, staying open later is a natural progression for Applause now. We find that we can make a few more ticket sales every day but more importantly, we are there when the public is looking for us and wants to talk about Broadway Shows.

In my opinion most people don't usually buy on the first call anyway so staying open later sometimes allows for a first discussion of a shoppers needs. Then we offer some seating suggestions, prices and maybe a restaurant suggestion or two and then we often hear back from the caller a day or two later. So you can see that staying open later is simply Applause's way of offering extra service for those folks that may need some extra time making up their mind.

After 8pm on most nights you will often get an owner of Applause himself answering your questions and providing ticket options for you. That's me Rich Gladstone, (scroll down after the FAQ section, I'm the guy on the left). Also known as The Broadway Ticket Man.

Call us anytime day or night in New York City at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930. Seven days a week.

We'd love to hear from you and help you with your Broadway Show ticket needs.

Applause Theater Service
311 West 43rd Street, suite 601
NY,NY 10036
local phone 212-307-7050
toll free 800-451-9930
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