Friday, December 11, 2009

The Lion King on Broadway-Better Pricing Options Now Offered to Theater-goers

Most people that read our Broadway Ticket News blog know that our ticket company, Applause Ticket Agency (License #71AP1001029) tries to convey everything that is happening in the Broadway Theater. Whether it be writing newsworthy blogs pertaining to a new show opening or a show closing on Broadway or offering theater-goers access to their Below Face Value ticket specials, Applause tries to convey viable content that is helpful to the public.

In an industry that has long been associated with high ticket prices and unlicensed ticket brokering for Broadway Shows, the folks at Applause truly believe that they can make a big difference in the way the public shops for their tickets. For instance, I'll bet you that most folks think that all the shows charge the same high price for their front mezzanine seats as they do their orchestra seats. In the past you would be right. But as of this coming January 2010, Applause has found out that The Lion King has "reduced" the price of their front mezzanine seats permanently to more than 25 % off their orchestra price. And here's the thing that makes me think that I can understand why they're not bragging about it. Most folks think they want to sit in the "orchestra" section so maybe the show really wants to "hide" the fact that they have lower priced seats in the front mezzanine. If they don't advertise the lower price, chances are they probably will still enjoy the public asking them for orchestra seats. This will of course bring them more money.

In my mind this is what is wrong about Broadway theater. In this economy and with ticket prices on Broadway going higher and higher every year, I believe that the masses want to buy "lower priced" seats. Why hide the fact that The Lion King has lowered the price of the front mezzanine seats? If I were Walt Disney Theatricals, I would want to get some great public relations out of the lowering of some ticket prices.

In any case, Applause would like everyone who is considering obtaining tickets for The Lion King at the Minskoff Theater in New York City to considering calling upon us to assist with your Lion King ticket purchases. And does the public know that most of the time that sitting in the front mezzanine gives theater-goers a better sight-line of all the action happening on the stage? Most of the time we can professionally convince ticket buyers to sit in the front mezzanine as we know the theaters seating arrangements better than most folks do.

When your plans include a visit to The Lion King in New York City, we hope you'll remember this information. And if you need help with obtaining amazing front mezzanine seats at newly reduced prices, consider a call to Applause today. With the money you'll save, you can pick our brains about where you can have dinner before the theater. We love dining out and enjoying telling people about all the amazing places we find to have some great food. Most people like saving money, why not treat yourselves to a free meal from the money you save using our ticket service?

I love the Broadway Theater. More importantly, I love helping the public become more informed about their seating and pricing options.

Broadway ticket prices have gone up every year for several years now. It is about time that someone help the public gain access to the very best seats and prices available. If you're one of these people, maybe you want to consider a call to Applause.

What do you think?

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