Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Customers are Friends too...

One of the great things about talking to the public everyday is the opportunity to build business friendships that last. In over 18 years of selling theatre tickets, I can proudly say I have developed amazing friendships with customers all over the world. From Consumers to Concierges to Travel Agents and I always look forward to hearing from these friends...whether it is just to offer advise, or to book show tickets.

Just recently I met Dr. Adams, who teaches at a small Southern College and loves to bring students in to NYC to see Broadway shows and visit the city. We have developed a wonderful friendship built on trust and respect. I help advise her on what to do, where to go, what to see, where to eat and timing...very important in the city. Understanding that they are all on a very tight (college student) budget, we work together to find the best priced tickets to accomodate their needs. Dr. Adams was just here a few weeks ago and of course came up to our office to get her tickets and visit. She took her small group to see DREAMGIRLS at the Apollo Theatre, and MARY POPPINS which was a thrill for her group. They loved the shows and had an amazing time. It is always a real delight to meet these friends in person. When Dr. Adams came by we talked about how to get everyone to the show, what time to leave and how to get back to the hotel. I even helped my friend to get her cell phone recharged. She has now brought 2 groups of students in in the last year and she would joyfully tell you that I made her and a lot of college kids very happy this year.

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