Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift Certificates for Broadway Theater Tickets

Last night I received a call from Kathleen who lives in upstate New York. She said she had called another ticket service looking to buy several gift certificates for Broadway Shows for 3 of her children. She then told me she was unhappy that she was forced to buy each gift certificate for tickets for a certain amount. The amount included a service charge which everyone in the ticket business charges.

To make a long story short, she simply wanted to give each gift for $200.00 and asked what happens when the person she gives the gift certificate to "redeems" the gift certificate. So I then informed her if people buy tickets that cost more than the gift certificate amount, they can simply pay us the balance. After all sometimes good seats for Broadway cost as little as $100.00 a seat (if we buy them at a discount) and as high as $180.00 a seat if they are for a hard to get sell-out type of show like Wicked, Jersey Boys, Billy Elliot, South Pacific or soon to arrive on Broadway- The Addams Family.

After talking with Kathleen for a while, we simply arranged for her to purchase 3 separate $200.00 gift certificates and will mail them directly to her today. Kathleen appreciated the Applause Ticket Service (that's us of course) brand of customer service. In particular, Kathleen appreciated talking to a "live" person that knows about Broadway Theater.

This customer story might seem like we are bragging but in this day and age where many companies don't really offer "friendly customer service", we think it is important to mention it. Whether you use our company or not, I personally think it makes sense to do business with people in a company that sincerely appreciate your business. After all, you are literally handing your hard earned money over to them, right?

Applause Ticket Service now has a new customer, one we expect to have for a lifetime. If you need theater tickets for Broadway Shows, my suggestion is to shop around, talk with a few ticket companies. Once you feel comfortable and you are getting great service and value from the ticket company, you'll know what to do.

Happy Holidays from Applause Ticket Service in New York City.

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