Monday, December 21, 2009

Applause Ticket Service in New York City

Making Broadway Theater More Affordable for Everyone

I hate to sound like I'm bragging but when a business finds something remarkable to talk about, we feel like this might just be the perfect time to tell lots of people about what we do. Our company, Applause Ticket Service is one of about a thousand different ticket agencies that help the public obtain tickets for Broadway Shows, Concerts, Sporting Events and Family Attractions throughout the country. Although most of these companies all appear to be similar when you click on their web sites, Applause Ticket Service is clearly a cut above the rest.

Yes I know, I am writing about my own company but let me give you an example of why we consider ourselves at the top of our industry. Just yesterday a potential customer by the name of Dan from Princeton, New Jersey called and said he wanted to purchase 3 tickets for Chicago The Musical in New York City. He didn't want to spend more than $50.00 for a great seat in the theater. People in this economy ask these kinds of questions all the time. Not attending the theater often, most folks don't really understand that theater tickets for all the Broadway Shows are expensive. When Dan inferred he thought he could get the seats elsewhere at the low price he wanted, I simply suggested he do so. I also said that if he needed help to call me and I would get him a great deal with excellent seats.

So Dan ended up calling me back and asking me for Applause's BFV Ticket Deal for Chicago The Musical. We secured Dan seats in row C, right off the center isle for Sunday January 17, 2010 (230pm matinee) and sold them to him for $95.00. Now $95.00 is considerably more than the $50.00 he wanted to spend but when Dan realized we gave him amazing seats along with Applause's stellar service, he was extremely happy with his purchase. I almost forgot to mention that these great seats and excellent price are below the regular printed box office price printed on the tickets for the show.

The question you may be asking is how we secured such fantastic seats for Dan and this very low price. The answer is simple. We combine the Applause brand of friendly customer service along with our ability to obtain discount tickets for Chicago The Musical. We then add a reasonable service charge and then offer seats to the public at prices below what the public could get themselves.

Years ago we always thought Applause's service was special in an industry that seemed to treat all customers the same way. Applause's ability to shop around for the best industry insider prices for many Broadway Shows has helped us secure our future role in the Broadway Industry. Anyone can sell you tickets but Applause Ticket Service can help you buy tickets, and at the best prices in the country of any licensed ticket company.

Feel free to shop around and checkout the hundreds and hundreds of others selling Broadway Theater tickets today. I challenge any one of them to be able to offer what Applause Ticket Service does on each and every phone call to our company. Then consider allowing Applause to assist you with your tickets for Broadway.

Don't forget to ask the Applause staff for restaurant suggestions. They know all the Broadway Theater District restaurants very well and can be instrumental at helping you plan a great meal before the show you plan on seeing. It seems to me that most folks have a nice meal before their show, right?

Good luck in shopping for your Broadway Theater tickets. We hope you find this information helpful today and look forward to hearing from you somewhere down the road.

Thanks for reading this article on Applause Ticket Service in New York City. Have a Happy Holiday season.

Rich Gladstone
Applause Ticket Service (License #71AP1001029)
311 West 43rd Street, suite 601
New York, New York 10036
local phone 212-307-7050
toll free 800-451-9930
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