Saturday, December 12, 2009

Group Tickets for Broadway 2010

I would be willing to bet that there are thousands of people every year that are responsible for organizing group outings to see one of the many Broadway Shows playing in New York City. Group sales are the lifeblood of the Broadway Theater. It is consider money in the bank for the shows producers.

Typically a group will enjoy a small discount off the regular box off price printed on the ticket. In addition, the theaters generally want their money fairly quickly. So when a show confirms your group, they send you an invoice with a payment deadline date. In general, 20 tickets must be ordered to be considered a group sale. There are some shows that allow 15 tickets to be considered a group sale.

Here's the problem with buying group tickets in my opinion. Most of the time when a group leader orders let's say a group of 50 tickets for a Broadway Show, they often need less than the 50 they bought. Unfortunately this means that someone is going to get stuck with tickets. And Broadway Theaters are not known for giving refunds too often.

I have come up with a solution so you will not get stuck with tickets you don't need. Simply order exactly the # of tickets you know that you need. And if you find you need additional tickets, simply buy any other tickets you need on an as needed basis. This way you don't get stuck with any tickets you don't need and no money is lost.

Another concern is the price you pay. Often you may not know that Group Sales offers "student or seniors pricing". Why pay more than you have to? It's your money after all, right?

If you ever need assistance with purchasing group tickets or maybe you just have a question about Broadway, we hope you'll think of us.

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