Monday, December 28, 2009

Innovative theater : Fuerzabruta

Google ‘Fuerzabruta’ and you’ll start reading some of the same words and phrases: exhilarating, innovative, and energetic. That said, this theater experience departs from the tradition of sitting back and watching a story unfold, aided by music. Instead, Fuerzabruta challenges the audience to get up, dance, and create the story with their own interpretations of the wordless production.

But before I start, I have to mention the noticeable amount of negative reviews by some theater critics. So, if you are utterly offended by loud techno music and strobe lights, prefer sitting to dancing, and have expensive loafers and/or a stiff neck, read no further – you will be on your feet, dancing to techno music, looking up, wearing very wet and very ruined loafers.

So that leaves the open-minded. And that is exactly what you will need to enjoy Fuerzabruta. Going in, you should not expect a well-developed plot nor music with clever lyrics. As one of the show’s brochures puts it, “Fuerzabruta doesn’t have a purpose. It is.”

Diqui James, the show’s creator, has an obsession with minimizing static in productions. The stage literally encompasses the audience, both overhead and on all sides, and provides the audience with changing perspectives of the action. The story explores changing human emotions, using music and light to elicit feelings from audience members. Physical movement adds to that equation, as audience members are shuffled around to accommodate the changing set and the actors who move through the crowd. This interactive approach may not appeal to everyone, but to those willing to step outside of their comfort zone and into James’s production, it promises a fantastic experience.

If you're willing to experience a new kind of theater, give us a call or visit our Fuerzabruta page.

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