Friday, December 18, 2009

Billy Elliot on Broadway

One word could easily describe the Broadway hit Billy Elliot. Awesome! Although I am a big fan of the show Billy Elliot, I often have to describe the show to callers to my ticket service Applause. It seems that although the show is based on the 2000 film of the same name, there are lots of people that haven't yet seen the film.

Billy Elliot on Broadway follows the film very closely and is about a teenager who develops a love for the dance. He comes from a coal mining family tradition from outside of London. It seems the miners are on strike and the town is in a declining state. You can imagine that in the 1980's London, during the Margaret Thatcher leadership era, that young Billy's family might not be too happy with his choice to try and gain admission to London's Royal Ballet School. After all, what would everyone think? His dance teacher does an amazing job training him and then getting him an audition at the school.

Billy Elliot on Broadway has an interesting story with excellent music by Elton John and lyrics and book by Lee Hall. Direction is brilliantly portrayed by Stephen Daldry who handled the same duties in the film version. Choreography is by the very talented Peter Darling. Although the musical is considered to be one of a somewhat "darker" nature, Billy Elliot has lots of funny lines in it along with fantastic dance scenes and beautiful music. You'll want to buy yourself the CD right after seeing the show. It takes 4 young actors to alternate the role of playing Billy Elliot. And they are one talented bunch indeed. Lookout for Billy's friend Michael who often steals the show with his extremely colorful wit and character.
Broadway and film veteran Gregory Jbara stars as Billy's dad and Carole Shelley as his grandma with Kate Hennig playing Ms. Wilkinson.

I loved Broadway's version of Billy Elliot and think you should probably consider going to the Imperial Theater yourself to catch the show. If you need advice on obtaining tickets, our ticket guru's are here to assist you.

Applause Ticket Service is a licensed ticket agency for Billy Elliot and all the Broadway Shows. We are open seven days a week to help. We even stay open till midnight now so we can talk to people from all over the country at their convenience. Most of the other ticket companies go home early but that's OK with us. We'll serve people whenever they need us.

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