Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Year Resolution-Buy Broadway Theater for Below Face Value Prices

Half the time our phone rings at Applause Ticket Agency (License #71AP1001029) and the average consumer is kind of shocked at the extremely high cost of theater tickets. Some still buy tickets in the orchestra section (the higher priced seating) but many are opting for seating in the mid to rear mezzanine of the theater. Particularly in this economy.

In order to solve the problem of losing potential ticket buyers for Broadway Theater, Applause has been actively promoting their Below Face Value Program for over a year now. The BFV Program is a simple one really. Applause finds you the Broadway Show you want to see along with the date and time, then checks to see if your show is on discount. If it is, they can usually save the public over 40 percent of Applause regular pricing.

The BFV Program isn't just because the country is still in the midst of a bad recession. Applause figures the only sure way to keep ticket buyers still going to the theater is to bring down the exorbitant cost of tickets.

If you think you or someone you know can benefit from being able to get great seats at better pricing than all the other ticket agencies charge, maybe you should consider contacting these folks.

When you call Applause, just ask for the BFV ticket deals. There are always 15 to 20 Broadway Shows in the BFV Program.

Rich Gladstone
Applause Ticket Agency
311 West 43rd Street
Suite 601
NY, NY 10036

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