Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Call a Tour Operator Expert to Book New York Hotel Packages

For anyone who is looking to plan a vacation in New York City in 2010, I would like to offer you a suggestion about how to go about doing so. The first thing you should do is consider choosing one of the city package experts that have been selling and marketing New York City vacation packages for a long time.

In all my years selling Broadway Theater tickets for Applause Ticket Service (License #71AP1001029), the two most knowledgeable, reliable and friendly tour operator companies that I know of are City Escape Holidays and New York City Vacation Packages. They have been providing hotel theater package services for New York visitors for many years and have the most experience in knowing what travelers to New York City need. These companies know the best hotels for the best value, they also provide excellent theater tickets for all the Broadway Shows and can help advise you on exactly which options to choose if you're considering any sightseeing excursions or need help with dining arrangements.

City Escape Holidays is based in Marina Del Rey, California and offers terrific New York City land packages including Broadway Shows. They also are the leader of the pack when it comes to offering hotel package services in more than 20 cities throughout the United States and Canada. In addition these folks offer "special event" packages like Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Daytona 500, Mardi Gras, Indianapolis 500 and many others.

One of the very special qualities about City Escape Holidays is their packages are sold exclusively through travel agents. This says an awful lot when you consider that the airlines used to do the same years ago only to eliminate commissions for the very travel agents who were responsible for supporting them. City Escape Holidays can be reached at 800-222-0022 for reservations and information. Just mention that Applause sent you if you remember. They love talking about New York City and can be quite helpful.

I'm also a big fan of NYCVP, a company called New York City Vacation Packages. NYCVP is an excellent small company based in Kingston, Pa. These folks run a great tour operation for nearly 15 years now. The special quality about NYCVP is that they only "package" New York City. They sell through travel agents and direct to the public as well. Being close to New York City, the staff at NYCVP comes to New York City quite frequently so that they can stay in touch with the hotels they offer as well as the many Broadway Shows, dining and sightseeing attractions they provide to their customers. For those planning a New York City vacation, you might want to get a quote on an itinerary you are planning. Checkout the NYCtrip QUOTE tool. Lots of folks use it every day. Feel free to mention that Applause sent you to them if you like.

Everyone knows that there are several large "on line" companies that sell packages to New York City and every major city throughout the country. The names Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotels.com and even some of the local ticket companies in New York City sell city packages too. The problem I see with these companies is simple really. It looks like they sell packages but aren't really interested in spending much time to talk with prospective customers. In fact when you look at their web sites, it looks like they want to sell you something electronically and not really devote time to speak with you at length about New York City vacations.

So for my money there are really only 2 great options for you to choose when planning a New York City vacation. You will feel comfortable calling upon City Escape Holidays and New York City Vacation Packages to help you choose a terrific New York City vacation.

Have a great trip to New York City.


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