Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Rosie and Bill's Review on Finian's Rainbow on Broadway

It is my pleasure to give Applause Broadway Ticket News readers a new review on Broadway's Finian's Rainbow. Finian's Rainbow is playing to excited audiences 8 times a week and our very own Music and Lyricist team Rosie and Bill Mearns saw a recent performance of the show.

The following is their review of Finian's Rainbow. Enjoy it and if you think you might want to catch a performance of Finian's Rainbow at New York's St. James Theater, we hope you'll consider calling one of our friendly Broadway ticket experts. Right now through February 28, 2009, these folks at Applause Ticket Agency (License #71AP1001029) can get you amazing seats at below face value prices.

Here's Rosie and Bill Mearn's review. Enjoy.

Finian’s Rainbow....an Important Revival

The Pot O’ Gold in Finian’s Rainbow is Beautiful Music! We are so tired of hearing “why are they doing so many revivals?” If these wonderful shows were not brought back, many generations would never get a chance to see how great Broadway used to be. They call it the “Golden Age of Broadway” because these shows were rich in golden talent. Scores used to have beautiful, memorable songs that people would be humming as they left the theater. These songs would be recorded by popular singers, that could actually sing, and they would be Number 1 on the charts. Why is the public so accepting of the mediocre and mundane trappings of some of today's shows? Rogers & Hammerstein, Lerner and Loewe, Leonard Bernstein, Julie Stein & early Stephen Sondheim, are some of the names of the brilliant team efforts of the glorious past. South Pacific, now into it’s second year, is wonderful. The minute the Overture starts you feel the excitement in the audience. Finian’s Rainbow has the same effect on it’s audience. The casts of both of these shows are outstanding. The stories are meaniful, as well, as entertaining. They knew how to make people laugh and cry in a two hour period. As we were leaving the St. James Theare the other night, all we heard were people singing “That Ole’ Devil Moon,” “Look To The Rainbow,” and “How Are Things in Glocca Mora.” The stranes of those glorious songs followed us down 46th Street and all the way home.

Rosie Novellino-Mearns & Bill Mearns Lyricist Composer

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