Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another (2) New Satisfied Broadway Ticket Customers

At Applause Theater Service we like to share customer stories with our blog readers. Our thinking is simple really. Maybe we can share a customer experience or two with others that may need some assistance when purchasing theater tickets. Then if it make sense for you, maybe you'll contact Applause Theater Service to obtain your Broadway Show tickets.

Today, our VP of Operations at Applause, Todd Freeman, who is also the top ticket seller in the business (in our opinion of course), signed up a new customer for Applause. Her name is Carolyn Williams from California. After talking with Todd for a while, Carolyn decided on seeing Memphis The Musical on Friday January 8, 2010 at the Shubert Theater in New York City. Todd was able to obtain front center seating for Memphis The Musical for a little more than a hundred dollars. Most companies in the ticket industry charge a few hundred dollars at least (per ticket) for seats in the front center of the orchestra. How did Todd get amazing seats for below face value? Although we cannot reveal the Applause tricks of the trade in our industry, we can tell you we simply know about all the "insider ticket deals" that Broadway Show producers have in January and February of 2010. Since Memphis The Musical tickets are not usually selling out their inventory, Applause was able to obtain a discount, add on a small service charge and get Carolyn in at an amazing price.

Does this sound like a customer story you might like to experience yourself? If so, you may contact Todd or any of his ready, willing and able staff at Applause Theater Service in New York City. The local phone number is 212-307-7050 or you can call toll free at 800-451-9930.

The second customer story is kind of cool also. Carol, the soccer mom on the Applause staff, is a "get things done" person for sure. When she got a call from Chris Wells from North Carolina today looking for usually very hard to get Wicked The Musical tickets, Carol wasted no time. Although every performance for Wicked The Musical has been sold out for months now, Carol knows that New York's very busy tourist season is winding down now. She called the theater and asked them if they had any cancellations for this Thursday January 8, 2010. Not only was Carol able to secure Wicked The Musical tickets for her new customer, but I'm happy to tell you that she was able to secure amazing seats in row N in the center section of the orchestra. And for only $145.00 a ticket as well.

There are hundreds of companies that claim they can sell you Broadway musical and play tickets. Maybe so, but how many can provide amazing customer service in the process?

If you need advice on shopping for Broadway musical or play tickets, we hope you'll consider Applause Theater Service, a local Broadway ticket expert.

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