Monday, January 11, 2010

Will Spider-Man Ever Open

Well according to it's director Julie Taymor it will open in 2010. Here is her statement."With a team that includes Bono, Edge and Glen Berger, there was never a question in my mind that Spider-Man would happen — it was just a matter of when. I am delighted that Michael Cohl(Producer) is making this a reality." The show which was supposed to begin previews on February 25 has been postponed although no official statement has been made. Come on. Who do think they're fooling? Anybody with a brain in their head could figure out that the show was not going to happen. Yet the producers of the show continued to deceive the public by not only continuing to sell tickets but by refusing to acknowledge what was really going on. Will the show open this year? If I had to bet money on it I would have to say yes. Millions have dollars have already been spent for it not too. Plus do you really think that Bono and The Edge would have invested their time and talent just to have it fail and their reputation tarnished. I think not. Let the games begin. Until next time theatre fans.

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