Friday, January 15, 2010

Phantom Winter Sale

That's right folks. Phantom of the Opera tickets are now on sale and Applause Theatre Service has got them. Not only that but at prices that can't be beat. The show which is now in it's record breaking twenty-second year on Broadway still continues to pack in audiences eight times a week at the Majestic Theatre. Being in the business I'm in it still amazes me after all these years just how popular the show remains. You would have thought it just opened a few months ago. I grew up listening to the show but let me tell you seeing it live is a whole different experience in itself. It is a must see.

As I'm sure you have already heard by the now the eagerly anticipated sequel to the show, Love Never Dies, is set to open this fall On Broadway. The rumour is that it is moving into the Neil Simon although nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Rehearsals began earlier this week for it's London premier and the buzz already is that it is going to be a hit. Can Broadway handle two Phantom musicals at the same time? We will soon find out.

Oh that's right. The Winter sale. That was the reason behind my blog in the first place. Forgive me. I tend to get sidetracked sometimes when I am talking about theatre. I love it so. From now thru March 13 Applause can get you tickets to see this beloved Broadway musical at some incredible savings. Who doesn't love a bargain? I do. Get your tickets to see The Phantom of The Opera on Broadway. It is a New York institution after all.

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