Monday, January 11, 2010

January Slump

Last week I posted a blog stating that during the last week of December eleven shows grossed over a million dollars with Wicked hitting the two million mark. Well last week as expected saw a dip in almost all of the shows on Broadway. No surprise. It happens every year around this time. In fact more shows close in January and February then any other time of the year. With those being two of the slowest months some shows simply can't survive. It's sad I know. However there is good news ahead. Between now and the end of April twenty-one new shows are set to open. Looks like we are in for a busy Spring folks. One other silver lining to mention is that during these slow Winter months you can get tickets to some of your favorite shows at prices that are much less then any other time of the year. Now that is something to smile about. Don't forget to ask for our "Insider Deal" when you call and we will take care of the rest. It doesn't get and easier than that.

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