Saturday, January 02, 2010

Wicked Is Still Going Strong

It's 2010 and Broadway's reigning champ is still Wicked. Who would have thought a show about two witches would become the biggest hit in Broadway history. I sure didn't. Neither did the critics when it first opened back in 2003. Yet here we are six years later and Wicked continues to break box office records around the world week in and week out. In fact just last week the Broadway production broke it's own record from the year before by grossing over two million dollars. Who says that Broadway is in a slump? Most shows after a few years tend to slow down but not Wicked. In all the years in this business I have never seen a show that is as popular as Wicked. I will even go as far to say that Wicked will eventually surpass The Phantom of The Opera as Broadway's longest running show. Sure they may have a way to go but if any show has a chance to do it Wicked does. By the way right now is the best time to get tickets to see Broadway's top show. What are waiting for? Call now and get your tickets to see Wicked On Broadway. It is a must see.

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