Monday, January 04, 2010

Record Breaking Week For Broadway

In one of my earlier blogs today I mentioned that Billy Elliot had a record breaking week. Well as it turns out Billy wasn't the only one who had a great week. Eleven Broadway shows grossed over a million dollars last week with four of those having record breaking weeks as well. These are the following shows.

A Little Night Music-$1,031,543

Billy Elliot-$1,663,895


Jersey Boys-$1,440,456

Mamma Mia-$1,315,354

Mary Poppins-$1,323,699


The Lion King-$1,740,130

The Phantom of the Opera-$1,374,875

West Side Story-$1,485,158


Not only that but Next To Normal had a record breaking week with $550,409. Now as bad as the economy was this year it looks like 2009 ended with a bang. What will the next year bring us? We will soon find out. Until next time theatre fans.

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