Friday, January 08, 2010

What Was The Best Show Of The Decade

Today it was announced that Time Magazine has named Billy Elliot as the "Best Musical of the Decade." Having never seen the show I can't really comment. I can however give you my choice for the musical of the decade. Now to make it easy I guess I could pick from the shows that won the Tony that year for Best Musical. Makes sense right? Surely if the Tony voters thought it was worthy than I should too. Here they are.

Contact(2000) Not a chance in hell. Look I liked the show a lot but is not a musical. Aida which was a better show wasn't even nominated.

The Producers(2001)Won more Tony Awards then any show in history. Never saw it. Too much hype. The Full Monty would have been my choice.

Thoroughly Moder Millie(2002) As much as I love Sutton Foster I hated the show. Urinetown The Musical wins Best Book and Best Score but doesn't win Best Musical? Come on!

Hairspray(2003)Great choice. Everything a Broadway musical should be an more. Movin Out was a close second.

Avenue Q(2004) Love the underdog. First Broadway show my parents ever saw. They still talk about to this day. I know the obvious choice is Wicked. Little overproduced for my tastes.

Monty Python's Spamalot(2005)Sitting in the theatre everyone around me was laughing their a** off. I didn't. I would have picked Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Jersey Boys(2006)Like The Producers I avoided it for almost two years due to the hype. Was I wrong. It is a great show. In my Top 10 for sure.

Spring Awakening(2007)I loved the show. Sure it wasn't for everybody but it was different and took a lot of risks.

In The Heights(2008)Each week I write at least one or two blogs a week about the show. What does that tell you. Passing Strange is a very close second.

Billy Elliot(2009) Winner of 10 Tony Awards. Big deal. Rock of Ages was much better. Same with Next To Normal.

If I had to choose between the winners I would have to say a tie between In The Heights and Jersey Boys. What's your pick? Until next time theatre fans.

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